A Review of The Pros And Cons Of Selling Your House To Companies That Buy Houses

A Review of The Pros And Cons Of Selling Your House To Companies That Buy Houses

There are various options open when you want to sell your house. Real estate agents are one way to go, especially when the house is in top shape. You can also get a family member or a friend who’s probably expressed passing interest at a time when you weren’t ready to sell. None of these options, however, are readily available when the home in question is not in a good shape. This is where companies that buy houses come in. Companies that buy your house are mostly willing to buy into whatever condition. Of course, it won’t be at the same rate as you’ll have sold the house were it to be in great shape. But then again, the rigors of real estate. The fixing up and the gilding, necessities for a good sale are unnecessary and downright wasteful when selling to companies that buy houses as is. Companies that buy houses also offer one of the fastest means of selling your house because none of the long procedures in using a real estate agent exists with companies that buy houses. There are several pros to selling to companies that buy your house.


No need to flip a damaged house.

With real estate agents, there will arise the need to make the house on the market at least passably presentable. Including but not limited to making some small (and sizeable upgrades) to the house in question. New cabinets, fresh counter-tops, and the sort. Companies that buy houses as is don’t need those upgrades to buy your house. All you need to do basically is have a house for sale. So the first reason to sell to companies that buy your house is the bypassing of needless fix-ups. This could be especially beneficial where there’s an absolute lack of cash to do even the most minimalist of upgrades.


Selling to companies that buy houses eliminates time constraints.

Companies that buy houses quickly do just that. They buy houses quickly. Since there is no need for primping and gilding, that process is foregone thereby dramatically reducing the time between when you decide to sell your house and when you actually do sell your house. When selling to companies that buy houses fast, the listing and showing of your house are rendered redundant. With real estate agents, there will be a need for several showings. Companies that buy houses fast wouldn’t need these showings and time is further saved although they would still need to send some of their agents around. You could decide to sell your house right this moment and by the next week, sold. Things are rarely, if ever, that fast with agents.


Companies that buy houses quickly do buy damaged houses.

Very often, they do so regardless of the state it is in. Often times, people find themselves in despair over their inability to sell a damaged house. Real estate agents are mostly unwilling to sell damaged houses. Most especially those that are considerably damaged. Companies that buy houses don’t have this constraint and will, in most cases, buy your damaged house as it is thereby preventing a total loss. This is one of the more compelling reasons to sell to companies that buy houses. Their indiscriminate buying of houses are often times the only option available to owners of damaged houses.


Companies that buy your house also help you in getting rid of properties that have become burdensome. So help you get rid of your burdening property while also getting some money for your troubles.


Jobs Are Created

These companies also create jobs. When they buy damaged houses, they employ local talent to help with the restructuring and repairs of the house such as plumbers, contractors, electricians et cetera.


These benefits to these companies don’t however, come free of disadvantages. There are cons to selling to companies that buy your house as is.  Such cons are:

Houses Are Bought Cheap

Since most of the houses that they buy are either damaged or foreclosing, these companies tend not to offer a lot for a house. Mostly, if you first flip and repair a damaged house before selling, you might stand to make better money. Companies that buy houses won’t pay full price for your house. They tend to look for 65% deals. And while this might be a good fit depending on your situation, you’ll also make more if you fixed up the house (or hired professionals to) before selling.


These Companies Tend To Seek Out Exploitable Deals

They do this when houses are being sold in a situation that could potentially make them cheaper buys. These type of houses are the focus of companies that buy houses. Sellers whose listings expire or who are having difficulties selling, sellers who are going through a divorce, bankruptcy, and homes in probate are all types of market houses these companies are known to go for. The more exploitable a selling situation is, the more likely you are to get an offer from companies that buy houses as is. Homes in foreclosure and owners evicting tenants are also exploitable by such companies.

Companies that buy houses quickly come with quirks and downsides like every other thing in life. It’s now up to the seller to properly access his or her situation rationally. Only in desperate cases should you sell to companies that buy houses fast. Otherwise, patiently fixing up a house before selling stands to offer more benefits.

Where you’ve decided to sell to a company, it is imperative that you not let them know or catch on to how desperate your situation because that just makes you a target for exploitation. Employing finesse and tact is important in dealing with companies that sell houses so as not to let yourself be cheated.

You should also get more than one offer from such companies. Or if you have only one offer, it might be helpful to hint at having an offer that is just below what you want. This might serve as an incentive to the company and you might get the actual amount you want or even a little more.

A few things to consider when looking to sell your house to a company that specializes in buying houses are:

  1. Condition of the house
  2. Urgency of the situation
  3. How desperate you are
  4. The amount you stand to gain from fixing and selling your house
  5. Your satisfaction with the offer from the company.

It is important to take all these into consideration to avoid long-term regrets. Selling your house is all about finding the right fit for your situation and this can be done through Déjà Vu Properties.


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