Before Screaming “We Want To Buy Your House!”, Here are Some Things That You Need To Know First

We Want To Buy Your House

Before Screaming “We Want To Buy Your House!”, Here are Some Things That You Need To Know First

We Want To Buy Your House – So you want to buy a house huh? That’s really exciting for you for sure, this is actually a significant point in your life, especially if this is your first time getting one. As a matter of fact, buying a house is almost on everyone’s bucket list. Whether it be for the securement of independence or the generation of cash flow, the ownership of a house surely has its perks. There are many people who want a house to buy even for more reasons than those previously stated, so this subject is indeed a big deal- which means that you’re at an important milestone in your life.

We understand how excited many people cherish the prospect of walking up to their real estate agents and blurting out “we want to buy your house” after taking a walk through their dream home.  Despite the strong desire to want a house to buy, this is something one should not simply dive into. Regardless of the reason to want a house to buy, this is a big step and therefore should be taken with care. Not to worry though, as this article serves as a guideline for you to follow while contemplating the purchase of your house, and should help to put some things into perspective for you as well. So before you guys tell your estate agents “we want to buy your house,” here are some pointers to keep in your mind before you make your decision.

Decide on the type of property you need first

So you want to buy a house? The best place for one to start is to confirm the type of house that needs to be procured.

Houses are built in a wide array of configurations and types so that the needs of the prospective owner can be adequately met. This sounds like a pretty simple concept at first, however, those who are heavily bent on ‘window-shopping’ since they want a house to buy so much, will realize that the selection of a house is actually a tedious process as there are many factors at play.

This is why it is important that the proactive step is taken to determine what the needs are in terms of house-ownership. This goes way beyond the number of people moving in, but also utilization of space, utilities, and upkeep. A well-thinking married couple for example who already said the magic words “we want to buy your house” would have likely chosen property that would allow for privacy as well as the facilitation of new members (like children and elderly parents) while one looking to build his real estate asset may have different preferences that governs his selection. Regardless of the class, it is important that the house specifics match up to the need to be attended to if one should want a house to buy.


Location is Important

Choosing a proper location is just as important as choosing the right kind of house to procure. Thinking “we want to buy your house”? Then be prepared to do some scouting. Driving through the neighborhood a couple times per day to have an idea of the traffic flow is a good start. It is also good to check for your location’s proximity to schools, eateries, hospitals, etc. There are also other factors to look at such as crime levels, noise levels, and safety.

Do a Home Inspection Prior Purchase

Unfortunately, there are many who hastily proclaim, “we want to buy your house” and end up swallowing their words shortly after due to various reasons. A common reason for that is because the buyers encounter a plethora of issues with the property that were not even mentioned during the house tour (on second thought, which agent will mention sore points about the property during a house tour anyway?).

Depending on the territory that you’re in, should you want a house to buy, the contract established upon confirmation of intent of purchase may or may not be liable for cancellation. Therefore, it is important that you do not find yourself in a situation where you’re stuck with a house with a pest infection, poor plumbing, low-quality roofing and inadequate heating/air conditioning with no way out. Before even thinking “we want to buy your house”, potential buyers should save the headache and get a house inspection done before making the deal.


Check Your Credit

So you want to buy a house? How’s your credit score?

Credit score will be one of the main factors that will determine whether or not one qualifies for a mortgage plan. Additionally, it may even impact the loan terms and interest rate. Essentially, good credit means spending less money, therefore, before even acting upon the impulse of thinking “we want to buy a house”, it is important that any credit errors be checked and dealt with before looking for deals and that effort be placed on improving the score in order to increase favorable chances.

It is also recommended that other activities that may run the risk of dipping credit score be avoided during the property’s procurement process, therefore it is best to cease other major purchases until the contract is fulfilled.


In the end, despite the many factors at play, the final decision lies with the consumer. We understand though that there are many people out there who want a house to buy yet do not know where to look. If you are looking for a peace of mind to say with confidence “we want to buy your house” and are looking for a platform upon which you can look at properties in good condition, feel free to stop by Déjà Vu Properties. Here you will have an extensive database of properties for sale right at your disposal. You also have the benefit of selling properties too via this site’s platform which reassures sufficient exposure to browsers.


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