Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina – Enjoy Completely A Flexible & Luxurious Stay:

Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina

Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina – Enjoy Completely A Flexible & Luxurious Stay:

In recent years Dubai has gained fame and popularity worldwide as a tourist destination. As a holiday destination, tourism in Dubai offers a wide range of possibilities, from the lively activity of shopping centers and the souk, to the peace experienced in the desert.

It is often said that a city like Dubai, which stands for ultra-luxurious resorts, gourmet restaurants and designer boutiques like no other, is not for the budget traveler. Those guests who wish to enjoy the restaurants and cafes in the area have many options at the doorstep of the accommodation. If tourists are looking for luxury and flexible stay in Dubai, there are many serviced apartments Dubai Marina to choose from.

Serviced Apartments in Dubai Marina Area:

Dubai Marina is one of the neighborhoods of Dubai which is popular among tourists. There are many Marina serviced apartments so that the visitors and travelers enjoy their stay. Marina is one of the famous areas of Dubai and the reason is it is a true city within the city that directly overlooks the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. To have a serviced apartments Dubai Marina area, itself offer an enjoyable stay. There is a clean beach, equipped with every comfort, a very pleasant pedestrian promenade adorned with palm trees, shops, boutiques and restaurants and surrounded by modern skyscrapers with the most daring forms.

Marina Serviced Apartments:

From the beginning to the present Dubai Marina was born out of nowhere in the mid-2000s. Dubai Marina is built to be the largest artificial tourist port in the world. Emaar, the construction company that has managed the entire project, decided to decorate it with an incredible amount of skyscrapers destined for hotels and many Marina serviced apartments. A shopping center developed on four floors, the Dubai Marina Mall exactly, and all a pedestrian promenade that borders the entire waterfront, very used by residents for outdoor sports such as running and inline skating, but also for a relaxing walk resting in one of the many benches installed every few tens of meters.

Service apartments Dubai Marina are flanked by more than 200 excellent restaurants, offering cuisines from all over the world. It is therefore easy to see why Dubai Marina is the preferred tourist district of Dubai. There are two pedestrian promenades: the promenade called The Walk and the 7-kilometer Promenade that stretches around the tourist port, something difficult to find in a city like Dubai designed to move almost only by car. There is a magnificent beach with all the amenities and a disproportionate amount of skyscrapers occupied by luxury hotels. Find the best serviced apartments Dubai Marina and enhance lifestyle.

Why is Serviced Apartments in Dubai Marina Area the Best Option to Live in Dubai?

Dubai Marina is not just a vacation spot. There are thousands of students, professionals, and bachelors have been settled in this area. There are also many workers who work in Dubai have chosen Marina serviced apartments precisely as their residence in the Emirates.

Those tourists and visitors who are going to travel to the United Arab Emirates, they can stay in serviced apartments in Dubai Marina area and enjoy a completely flexible stay. To travel alone or with the whole family, renting an apartment gives the freedom to relax and do everything at the own pace, without depending on restaurant schedules and other services.

Serviced apartments Dubai Marina are those established in which they attend the common services of the hotels with the proper facilities for conservation, processing, and consuming food, within each unit of accommodation. Staying in Marina serviced apartments means a 48% saving compared to doing it in a hotel.

When the tourists are on their travels, one of the most difficult points to decide is the accommodation. And it is that one of the first questions that may arise is to choose between a hotel and an apartment. But choosing serviced Apartments Dubai Marina is the smart choice.

Marina Serviced Apartments – The Best Option:

While choosing the Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina, there are options for all tastes: from small studios to multi-room apartments. The kitchens are fully equipped so visitors can prepare a delicious meal before heading out to explore Dubai. People feel at home in the center of Dubai and enjoy the 5-star luxury of this modern-style serviced apartments Dubai Marina area.

If people want to travel as a family and stay under the same roof, perhaps the most convenient is Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina, since it has more space and many other facilities at the doorstep. Other benefits staying in Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina is the price of holiday apartments is usually its greatest attraction, especially if compare them with hotels. In fact, according to a recent study in comparing apartments, staying in an apartment is a saving of 48% compared to doing it in a hotel.

Flexibility in Marina Serviced Apartments:

One of the great advantages is the flexibility that Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina Area offers. There are no any fixed schedules such as breakfast or other meals, or the time of entry and exit that is usually much more flexible. This gives the traveler a lot of freedom to adapt the stay to their tastes and needs at all times. In addition, in the apartments, it is usually possible to increase the number of guests that will stay in it, which is an advantage for those who do not know until the last moment their availability to travel.

What attracts travelers most of the idea of serviced apartments Dubai Marina, is the freedoms that this allows during the holidays. They will have own kitchen to prepare their food at a lower cost, the possibility of inviting whoever they like and the freedom to have breakfast what time they want. In addition, privacy is one of the best advantages of staying in an apartment. Guests greatly value having a more personal space that, in many cases, is larger than that of the hotels. In addition, there is the fact that the price is substantially lower.

The comfort of being at home:

Another aspect that the user must value is the privacy that serviced apartments Dubai Marina offers. The availability of common spaces allows enjoying more time with family or friends and having several bedrooms or common areas gives us the comfort of feeling at home.

On the other hand, those people who are traveling with small children, the serviced apartments Dubai Marina can be more comfortable to have more space in which to leave all the necessary objects for them. And if they travel with friends, the apartment is usually the best option to be all together. Sometimes, the hotel cannot guarantee that all rooms are on the same floor. In this way, they can share many more moments with the travel companions.


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