Dubai – Solid foundation in the making

Dubai – Solid foundation in the making

I am sure all of you have heard the terminology called short term and long term plans. Do you think a city like Dubai and a country like UAE would establish themselves as one of the most Livable, top-rated safest places globally, providing a high quality of living and attracting people from around the world to invest and move to Dubai as a short-term plan? Definitely not, Dubai is a sure shot long-term winner.

Overindulging of any sort can make things go away, for instance, the human body cannot process multiple meals or enhancements at one go. Similarly, certain measures that a country takes in order to progress are put in place according to a master plan over a period of time. Every action has a reaction and a country needs to be ready for the reaction. I believe any good initiative cannot have a wrong time, it just has to translate into positive results. Just to throw light on some par excellence initiatives taken by the government to enhance the living, encourage business and most importantly encourage people to stay long term.

There have been several initiatives taken which will not only boost the economy but in turn, will also have a positive spillover effect on all sectors including Real Estate.


Below are the highlights of some of the new policies in the United Arab Emirates –

  • A 10 years investor visa to professionals such as doctors, engineers, professors etc.
  • 100% ownership of the business to expatriates which leads to the elimination of any extra fingers in the pie.
  • A new system in place to replace the bank guarantees required for private sector employees’ visa.
  • Release the current bank guarantees totaling AED14 billion back to private sector companies.
  • Facilitate the process for job seekers in UAE and grant a six-month temporary visa without fees.
  • Grant a two-year visa for talented and outstanding students.
  • Exempt transit tourist from entry visa fees for the first 48 hours of their stay.


All of the above policies point in one direction, economic growth of the country. We at Déjà vu Real Estate ensure out investors benefit from this growth & the expertise we have to offer alongside.

Chairman – Deja Vu Real Estate


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