Studio Apartments in Dubai Marina

Studio Apartments in Dubai Marina

Studio Apartments in Dubai Marina

Dubai has seen a lot of construction boom recently. Thanks to the fact that, the government allows anybody to buy, sell or rent houses or properties in selected areas all around Dubai.

And when it comes to, buying a studio apartment in Dubai Marina, it’s a huge catalog to choose from. The Dubai Marina is by far one of the most beautiful waterfront developments in the world and it is still developing. Everyone living here can have a time of their life! The unique lifestyle beside the coast is what makes this one of the best places to live.

The Marina is located in the heart of Dubai or commonly known as “New Dubai”. The unhindered view of the sea and the dazzling lifestyle truly take over this area. It is bustling with residential and serviced apartments along with an array of hotels and entertainment venues distributed all around the area.

It has become very desirable to many expats and foreigners also because of the fact that the location is very accessible and anyone can get in contact with the main city easily. It is really close to most of the common areas like the Dubai Media City, the Internet City, The Golf Course, Emirates Golf Club, the 5-star hotel properties etc.

Dubai Marina is also home to the Dubai Marina Mall, and the famous 5-star hotel, The Address.

Moreover, it has a substantial collection of proper freehold properties when compared to other districts as well. And all this, makes Dubai Marina, one of the most popular destinations in terms of real estate investments and living.


Studio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina

The popularity of the place attracts people and many of them ask questions like “Is there any studio for sale in Dubai Marina?” or, “Where to buy a studio apartment in Dubai Marina?” These questions are quite common and the only answer to this is, Yes, it is possible!

There are many studio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina and anyone can buy it if he or she has the required know-how and a stable financial background.

The options to choose from are vast and extremely exclusive. The whole of Dubai Marina boasts a spectacular residential cluster and it comprises of many areas. They are:

  • Dubai Marina Towers

It is said to be the jewel of the whole Dubai Marina development. It is comprised of 6 towers named after specific highly precious stones and Arabic fragrances.

The Dubai Marina Towers comprises of many residential developments including luxurious studio apartments featuring 1 to 5 bedroom apartments, 3-4 villas ranging from 1,000 to 7000 sq. ft. in size and all are available for living. The towers also feature retail options, superior luxury finishes, supermarkets, cafes, outdoor playing areas and a beautiful view of the horizon. It redefines the term luxurious living in its own way.

  • Al Sahab

When it comes to Al Sahab, there are quite a lot of studio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, as it is a purposely built residential destination.

Al Sahab is basically a twin tower development. It offers beachfront tower studio apartments in 1 to 3 bedroom layouts ranging from 700 to 3500 sq. ft. in size. The development boasts state of the art infrastructure that includes superior finishes, designer suite options, fully furnished kitchen with appliances, great internet connectivity, gyms and fitness facilities, pools, theatres, personalized parking spaces etc.

  • Al Majara

Al Majara is basically a five-tower residential complex and all of them are water-front high-rises just overlooking the Dubai Marina and the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

If anyone enquires a studio for sale in Dubai Marina, Al Majara should definitely be on the list. There are individual towers offering 1 to 3 bedroom apartments along with a wide selection of serviced apartments as well. The apartments come with designer options and fully furnished kitchen and rooms.

There are a lot of amenities one can find at Al Majara Towers which includes gyms, spas, health centers, clubs, theatres, private gardens, outdoor terraces, superior security, good connectivity etc.


  • Marina Promenade

Marina Promenade is located just beside the Al Sahab offering the same amenities but with a different style and approach, thanks to the podium themed design.

It offers an unparalleled experience when it comes to residential living and includes various luxury apartments and villas. There are six residential towers with 1 to 3 bedroom condominium style apartments ranging from 500 to 4,500 sq. ft. in size. One can find many studio apartments in Marina Promenade.

Each of the towers boasts an exclusive lobby, concierge facility, a highly modern centralized household waste removal facility, superior maintenance, and security service. The main attraction of Marina Promenade is the fact that, there is a common landscaped podium structure between the towers. This leads to a central entrance to the parking space inside. Along with fully furnished apartments and luxurious design and finishes, it also offers gymnasiums, pools, outdoor and indoor games facilities like squash courts, and badminton courts, library, lounges, care centers etc.

  • Marina Quays

The Marina Quays is an exclusive 3-tower fully residential enterprise in the Dubai Marina. The location is very convenient and offers really good connectivity to the main city. It boasts luxurious villas along with stunning studio apartments readily available. It comprises of 1 to 3  BHK apartments, ranging from 600 to 3,500 sq. ft. in size. If someone wants to start their search for a studio apartment in Dubai Marina, then Marina Quays is a great place to check out.

It is joined by a common podium, where owners can interact and have fun in a personalized environment. The amenities include gyms, pool, outdoor games, theatre, business center, guest, superior security and maintenance facilities etc.


The unrivaled location along with a beautiful waterfront experience, Marina Quays is a place where anyone can live their life to the fullest!


So, when it comes to answering the common questions, the above  options are an elaborate answer to questions like “Are there studio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina?” or “ Any studio for sale in Dubai Marina?” or finally “Where to find a studio for sale in Dubai Marina?”


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