Studio For Sale in Dubai Marina – Buyer’s Guide

Studio For Sale in Dubai Marina

Studio For Sale in Dubai Marina – Buyer’s Guide

Studio For Sale in Dubai Marina – Buyer’s Guide

The Dubai Marina ranks among Dubai’s most activity-filled areas, the biggest and deliberately-built waterfront apartments and that’s why a lot of people want to buy studio for sale in Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina has more than 200 residential towers with skyscrapers such as the 23 Marina, Princess Tower and the popular Ocean Heights. The Marina also has several shopping centers, hospitality homes, and parks.

With these several features, selecting the right studio apartment in Dubai Marina that will suit your purpose can be tasking especially for first-time buyers.

Where Can I Buy a Studio Apartments For Sale in Dubai Marina?

The Dubai Marina is a superb location to purchase a studio apartment if you are working or staying in adjoining neighborhoods. The Dubai Marina sports many skyscraper studio apartments giving luxurious spaces with fully-equipped facilities and furniture. You can purchase a studio apartment in the following locations in the Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina Towers

The Dubai Marina Towers is a good waterfront neighborhood you can get studio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina. It has several studio apartments and affordable studio flats you can buy in 6 skyscrapers. Dubai Marina Towers are arguably luxurious and give incredible views from the studio apartments.

Al Sahab

This is yet another community in the Dubai Marina that has 2 skyscrapers, an excellent watershed development that has cheap studio apartments you can try. If you purchase studio apartment in Al Sahab, you get to enjoy facilities like the pool, public place, meeting hall and covered parking.

Al Majara

Al Majara is a neighborhood that has 5 high- rise apartments where you can get studio for sale in Dubai Marina. The studio apartment in Dubai are cozy enough for decent living with world-class architectural finishes, standard kitchen cabinet and functional home appliances.

Al-Majara is especially loved among all locations in Dubai Marina as it offers a complete lifestyle appreciated by residents.

Marina Promenade

The Marina Promenade is another community you can look to if you are thinking of buying studio apartment in Dubai Marina with residential skyscrapers and elevated villas. Marina Promenade is a unique neighborhood with a special class. It has amenities such as pools, badminton court, reading room, gymnasium, reliable security and grills.

Marina Quays

The Marina Quays has 3 skyscrapers that overlook the incredible Dubai Marina, this reputable development is situated offshore and spans 20 meters on the water, as such, it is a unique residential apartment built for the rich. Nonetheless, you still can get a studio for sale in Dubai Marina Quays.

It has a 3 high-rise buildings that has several standard and studio apartments with high-end outdoor infrastructure such as swimming pool, studios, open theatres, office complex and all-round security.

Park Island

Park Island has 4 high-rise apartments and it is a peninsula-shaped neighborhood, a special waterfront development that gives an amazing view of the Dubai Marina. Here, you can get to buy apartments that vary in size from 709 square feet to 3,915 square feet. These skyscrapers are luxurious and comes with additional finishing and top-end qualities.

Facilities Available in Dubai Marina

When you buy a studio for sale in Dubai Marina, you have unlimited access to amazing facilities with many towers having their own unique amenities. A lot of the apartment buildings are designed with swimming pools, gymnasium, games arena, tennis court, neighborhood lounge, relaxation bars, barbeque spots, doorkeeper’s services, CCTV network and organized parking.

Similarly, when you purchase a studio apartment in Dubai Marina, there exist a myriad of lifestyle facilities for your pleasure and these add life to the neighborhood and to the living standard of residents. You get to relish cooking pleasures and entertainment at PIER 7 which is a 7-storey apartment solely for beaneries and entertainment.

The Dubai Marina has a thing to offer for all age categories of people-kids can recreate at the playground with special facilities for an amazing session. Aesthetically designed outdoor gardens, hotels and the Dubai Marina Walk are other facilities that add life when you purchase a studio apartment in Dubai Marina.

How much will it cost me to buy Studio Apartment in Dubai Marina?

The market price of the studio apartments in Dubai hovers around AED 500,000 to AED 1,000,000, however, the specific price can only be made known at the time you want to purchase the apartment as there exist a lot of things that goes into the property valuation.

Not to worry, be rest assured that the prices of studio apartments for sale in the Dubai Marina is just as low as what obtains in other neighborhoods such as the Dubai Central Business District and the Palm Jumeirah.

Why Do People Keep Seeking Studio For Sale in Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina has remained the most preferred location for purchasing and renting studio apartments in the recent past and the reasons are not far fetched, amazing facilities, accessible location, myriad of alternative apartment design to select from and a hotel-like atmosphere are some of the reasons that explain the influx into the Marina for studio apartments by middle-income earners.

What Does The Dubai Marina Neighborhood Look Like?

The Dubai Marina District is well-known to foreigners and residents due to the ease of assessing and closeness to Downtown Dubai. Again, Dubai Marina is an aggregate of freehold apartments with respect to other neighborhoods. This is what makes it the best location to buy studio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina.

It is probably one of the most aesthetically-pleasing waterfront development in the town. The entire location sports several multi-purpose apartments that are used for residents, commercial and a number of other uses. Important landmark includes the Dubai Marina Skyscraper, Dubai Marina Promenade, beaneries, retail shops, amusement parks in the neighborhood together with studio apartments and big villas in the Marina community.

Advantages of buying Studio For Sale in Dubai Marina

The benefits of purchasing or renting a studio apartment in Dubai Marina clearly is inherent in the large, unhindered scenes of the Marina and Dubai’s shinning skyline. If you get tired of the ocean view,the retail shop presents a viable alternative.


Shopping is highly prominent in Dubai Marina’s wiring. Dubai Marina Mall presents a wide options of retail and restaurant alters including a cinema complex. Also well-known is Marina Walk, a passageway that favours pedestrian and flanked on either sides by beaneries, cafes and corner shops.


Anotherbenefit of purchasingstudio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina is the presence of public facilities, which is abundantly spread over theentire Dubai with drug stores, elementary schools, health centres, hair salons and laundry.


The Dubai Marina is one of the most highly-urbanized centers in Dubai with several alternatives for residential, commercial towers that middle-income earners can purchase or rent. As such, it might be daunting when searching studio for sale in Dubai Marina without a guide. With these tips, you should have a knowledge of what buying studio apartments in Dubai entails, possible cost and the locations you can get an apartment.


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