Things to Know Before Buying a Villa in Dubai

Buying a Villa in Dubai

Things to Know Before Buying a Villa in Dubai

Villas are a very desirable option for many expats and foreigners coming into Dubai. It is by far one of the most preferred living options for most of the people. To buy villa in Dubai, is something more of a great investment option, as it provides a high value when it comes to selling or renting in the future. And all this is because of the high demand for villas in the area. If somebody is looking for a villa in Dubai, the most sought-after place would be the Dubai Marina.

Yes, Dubai Marina has a huge catalog of exclusive villas for sale and rent. But before somebody plan to buy villa in Dubai Marina, he or she should consider some vital factors.

Here are some important factors that will help in the buying process.


  • Location

If the person looking to buy villa in Dubai has already chosen a location like Dubai Marina, then half of the work is done. But the other half is left. And that other half is as important as choosing the location! As, Dubai Marina boasts a lot of communities, neighborhoods, and developments, choosing the right one is extremely vital as it will stay with him or her.

Firstly, it is better to consider the importance of public transportation such as the Dubai Metro or the tramways. And luckily Dubai Marina is quite close to both of these. But if someone wants to get closer to the tramways and the metro, a property in the Marina Quays is a great option. The Dubai Marina Towers also has good connectivity to public transportation as well.

Secondly, a villa is most commonly used as an ideal home for a family or a couple. So if there are children, then while choosing the property, make sure to research the area and the neighborhood for schools, nurseries, clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, shopping centers and all other amenities. Ideally, a villa community has its own retail center with ample outlets. If someone plans to buy villa in Dubai Marina, be rest assured that all these necessities and amenities will be taken care of inside every development present there.

The Dubai Marina is considered as the prime location for living. Nobody can ever go wrong while buying a villa in Dubai Marina.


  • Know the Developer

Knowing the developer is really important to buy villa in Dubai. The quality of the developer’s other projects can go a long way to answer the credential of the developer. Knowing about the track record, the maintenance and after-sales are mandatory and recommended no matter how big the developer!

So, before any monetary transactions, it is important that the interested customer should be aware and know the developer and the latter’s credentials. Researching is the key here.

If someone plans to buy a villa in Dubai Marina, almost all of the developers are top notch and provides a great service both before and after-sales. They will cater to all needs so that one can choose the best!


  • The Quality

A good developer will always provide a quality property. There are many properties that only offer the core units, but there are many villas which come equipped with wall-fittings, top-notch interiors, designer finishes, kitchen appliances, home systems etc.

Quality comes at a price! So it’s better not to compromise. A high quality construction and structure can prevent major troubles in the long run and eventually save a lot of money.

In Dubai Marina, all of the villas are extremely luxurious and well constructed. As it is a prime location, all developers are bound to offer the top quality in almost every way.


  • The Size

Always think about the future while buying a villa or any property. Most people while looking for a house or a villa do not think about the long term proposition and how things might change.

If a couple buys a villa, in some years they might have to clear out space for the little ones. So, when looking for a villa, it is advised to go for large, spacious layouts but it is not recommended to go overboard as it might burn a hole while maintaining the whole place. So, proper planning is necessary!


  • Take care of the service charges

Service charges are vital when it comes to buying a villa or any property. One must calculate the monthly or yearly costs before jumping to conclusions. Keep in mind, service charges also include maintenance charges post-purchase of the villa or the property.

Usually, services charges of a villa are lower on a per square foot basis than most apartments. In Dubai Marina, expect charges to be higher than other areas due to obvious reasons.


  • Amenities

While buying a villa, one should always look at the amenities provided by the development or the community. A community should have basic amenities available. Without proper amenities, it won’t be wise to go for a property.

Having proper understanding of all amenities available is the right way to go!

Making a list of what amenities one needs and what are the most important ones, can make things a bit easier.

Though if someone is planning to buy villa in Dubai Marina, then these are all covered. Almost all developments here are self-contained. One can expect in-house gyms, play areas, indoor sports, courts, swimming pools, retails outlets, barbeque areas, lounges for business and leisure, parking spaces and what not.


  • Think about the resale value

While planning to buy villa in Dubai, one must think about the resale value of the property. It is a must! Initial assessing of the resale value after a specific time period can help a lot!

For villas, usually, the resale value is good thanks to the high demand. In Dubai Marina, one can expect a high resale value as it is one of the most sought-after places in Dubai.


So, to buy villa in Dubai Marina is a win-win situation for anybody. And to help the buying process, these attributes can make the whole process not only comfortable but also a  profitable one.


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