Time is Money! What Not To Do When You Want To Sell Your Home Quickly

Sell Your Home Quickly

Time is Money! What Not To Do When You Want To Sell Your Home Quickly

The housing market is known to shift depending on the year, but this can be extremely overwhelming when you’re on a time crunch to get your home sold. Too many people are asking “how do I sell my house fast?” These days, and are unfortunately making some big mistakes that can cost them a lot of time. Here are a few things NOT to do when you’re attempting to sell ASAP.


Sell As A Private Owner


Everybody wants to save money all while selling their home, but one place a little investment is IMPERATIVE  is to get a good real estate agent. When you want to know “how can I sell my home fast,” you must be willing to take out as many measures as you can to ensure a quick sale. Real Estate Agents have access to all sites and sources that will help you determine the right price to list your home and to get your home maximum exposure. Real Estate Agents are the only people who can see the current trends of the other houses in your neighborhood, so they will know the best ways to market your home. If you don’t take these measures and instead try to sell as an independent, you could be unknowingly missing out on social media exposure! Whether you like it or not, getting the word out about your impending home sale is absolutely key. Your real estate agent will know the right people to contact and where to post your home’s details, so it gets the most exposure to potential buyers. If you are asking “how do I sell my house quickly,” save yourself months of waiting and find yourself a real estate agent.


Leave Your House As Is


You may love the look of your home, but when you’re the one asking “how do I sell my house fast?” you also have to ask yourself “what kind of home do people want to see?” Your home has many personal touches that make it yours, but that can be a big issue for potential buyers. New buyers want to see a home they can imagine themselves in, and if your things are cluttering their view, it is difficult to picture the home as their own. Take the time to weed out as many personal items as you can. Remove old pictures and clutter from shelves, throw away old papers and articles of clothing that take up space in closets or drawers, and give away or conceal countertop appliances that aren’t for everyday use. Doing these things will create a sense of expansiveness and simple cleanliness that is very attractive to people looking for a forever home.


Another thing to focus on is fixing any aesthetic flaws that are visible. If you really want to know “how do I sell my house quickly” you must take the time beforehand to do cosmetic work on chips, dents, or unsightly bushes surrounding your home. Curb appeal is important! Make sure your front yard is well groomed and that the front of your house is neat and tidy. Clean windows and add a new coat of paint to the front door to make your house look new again. Take a look around your living spaces and decide if your furniture looks well maintained enough to entice new buyers. No, they won’t be buying your furniture, but you want them to be able to easily visualize living in this home. Don’t take any chances. If you are truly asking “how do I sell my house fast,” get out the dustbin and start throwing.


One last option is to hire a stager to bring in new furniture and really bring out the best features of every room. Ask anyone “how do I sell my house fast?” and a restaging will surely be mentioned. Stagers are well trained in making homes attractive to future buyers, and this little investment can seriously speed up the rate at which people want to put offers in on your home.


Take Your Own Photos


This is one detail people don’t realize is so important. With the rise of the smartphone and social media apps, many people believe themselves to be fantastic photographers. Do not go this route when you’re wondering “how do I sell my house fast.”Real estate agents and home buyers are looking on different sites to find homes that interest them. An experienced photographer will be able to light your home beautifully, capture the right angles, and really make your space look like a million bucks. Photos need to speak to potential buyers in a way that makes them rush to book an appointment. Especially if you’ve decided to hire a stager, these photographs are one surefire way to make your home sell very quickly.


Price Too High or Too Low


With the rush to sell often comes a home that is priced too low. If you are asking yourself “how can I sell my home fast,” you could be one of the many people tempted to price their home very low. Often times, this does get you a faster sale, but with a little bit of patience and planning, you could get a quick sale while still making the most money off of your home. Do your homework to find comparable in your area. This will give you the best idea of what homes like yours are listing for and will place you comfortably in the competitive market. If you price your home too high, it might stay in the market for too long, causing people to lose interest. Make sure you’ve got the right time and the right price, and your home will sell quicker than you can say “Open House!”


Start Big Renovations


This is something some homeowners fall into when they’re desperate to know “How do I sell my house fast?” Yes, there are key areas of the house to get into good shape, but if it means months of contracted work, you could be losing valuable time and money. Take a look first at the kitchen and master bedrooms and if they are in good shape, feel free to start a small project. Just remember, time is money.


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