Top Locations to Find Your Own “1 Bedroom Flat to Buy”

1 Bedroom Flat to Buy

Top Locations to Find Your Own “1 Bedroom Flat to Buy”

Dubai is the perfect example of growing infrastructure and real estate. It is a place which provides you everything right from impeccable beaches to seamless luxurious hotels. Dubai is well-known for its ultra-modern and striking skyscrapers, stunning glass buildings and modish boutiques which lure the international glitterati and anyone looking for a luxurious lifestyle.

On contrary, Dubai is also home to old-school flea markets and souks, wind towers, vast desserts and hustling bazaars. This interesting mix of modern and traditional makes Dubai one of the most inviting places in the world.

For those wanting to invest in Dubai can get a good range of 1 bedroom flat to buy on both well-furnished as well as a buy-off basis. Some high-end places like luxury Palm and Golf Resort Villas are also meant to provide a higher-rental yield in future. Other places like Jumeirah Village and Dubailand also have good future return opportunities.

Investing in Dubai is profitable not only because it has high return prospects but also because it does not have any incurred tax on properties. Property holders are often relieved because of this fact and invest without restrictions as per their will into the Dubai market.

One-bedroom apartments are probably the best type of apartments to buy for people living alone. If you are the one seeking a one bedroom flat to buy in Dubai for you and your family, then you have come to the right place. 1 BHKs have a different appeal. They equally attract owners as well as investors. If you are either of them seeking a 1 bed flat to buy then you must grab any upcoming opportunity.


What to look for before buying a one bedroom flat?

But before you start looking at wrong places for a one bedroom flat to buy, you must be aware of many factors that must be considered before investing in property.

You must be aware of the name of the builder and his work quality. You must know about the locality and if you will be able to adjust to it or not. You must see the prospects of the society. The property must have the potential for good return in future when the market rises. Not many people look for one-bedroom flats to buy, some look to rent it. You should invest in a property with great future rent prospects or where people rent more.

If you are searching for 1-bedroom flats to buy, then you must go to the broker first instead of the bank. You will get more choices in terms of range and localities if you go to the broker instead of the bank.



Where to look when hunting for a 1 bedroom flat to buy

Although there are many upcoming property projects in Dubai, there are a few places which satisfy all the needs of someone looking for 1 bed flat to buy. The key factor involved in buying a flat is looking for a location whose price has dropped but has great future rental prospects or for a location whose price is already not too expensive. Investing on a buy-off is also a trick to invest less and get more if you are looking for a good 1 bedroom flat to buy.

A few of eminent locations where you can easily go hunting for property can be listed down as follows

  • Downtown: downtown is home to many world-class enticements such as the largest mall and the tallest building. You can easily locate a skyscraper Downtown is a very sought after for one-bedroom flats and is definitely the place to look if you are hunting for 1-bedroom flats to buy for renting out or to live. Downtown has expensive flats but it also has the best building quality as it falls under the Emaar reign.


Investing in a property here will undoubtedly give you great rental opportunities and hence good income. There are several projects still running in the pipeline and beside the very famous opera house, thus ensuring you a good neighborhood.


The place has good city apartments to offer and being the heart of Dubai, you are surely going to get a lot of attractions here. If you are someone who wants luxury and facilities, then you should definitely look here for 1-bedroom flats to buy and invest in it.


  • Dubai Marina: Marina also falls under the Emaar reign, but it also has other good developers. The presence of other developers makes the architectural landscape quite diverse. “The Walk” at JBR, constructed by Dubai properties is situated in this area and is a great tourist attraction. Recently, after the addition of “The Beach” to the walk, it has become a hub for new restaurants, café and has endless opportunities for shopping. If you are thinking of moving into a posh neighborhood and are hunting for a 1 bedroom flat to buy in Dubai, then Dubai Marina is the right place for you.


  • Palm Jumeirah: Palm Jumeirah has been developed by Nakheel builders and has good capital investment prospects. It is an architectural attraction for the world and lures a huge number of visitors every year from around the world.


It has wonderful beach homes to provide to investors or buyers and shoreline apartments are available with sea facing view. The whole area is surrounded by exquisite and grand hotels which are a great attraction for tourists. The place has excellent security and transport facilities. If you have a dream of buying a sea face apartment and are looking for a 1 bedroom flat to buy whose windows open to sea then Palm Jumeirah is the right place for you.


There are lots of issues that people face while hunting for a good 1 bedroom flat to buy and often end up investing more than they want to. Déjà Vu Properties gives you a lot of choices whether you want to buy a property or sell a property. Déjà Vu Properties has a wide range of properties for you and will help you efficiently in your hunt for 1 bedroom flats to buy. They will clear all your doubts regarding the same and will make sure that you don’t sell or invest wrong.


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