Villas for Sale in Dubai- Tips to Get the Most out of Your Investment

Villas for Sale in Dubai

Villas for Sale in Dubai- Tips to Get the Most out of Your Investment

Named the best city to consider for real estate investment returns in 2014, Dubai offers everyone the chance of gaining a qualitative and comfortable living experience. Moreover, there are various choices of apartments to consider as an accommodation in Dubai, there are also villas for sale available in Dubai. In reality, most people seem to prefer the villa community over the usual apartment choices now because of space, privacy, and comfort it offers to them. However, before you consider buying villas for sale in Dubai (whether to live in or for investment purposes), there are a whole lot of factors to consider.

The Location of the Villa

It is always important to consider the neighborhood you are purchasing your villa because the location is critical to buying a property to live in or invest in, especially if you are considering buying luxury villas for sale in Dubai. Research the neighborhood you plan on buying your villa and consider factors such as security, privacy and the availability of essential amenities like a pharmacy, clinic, supermarket, gas station and many others. If you are a parent with kids, you would want to consider the closeness of a public transportation system like the Dubai Metro to your neighborhood and the nearby schools for your kids. A villa community should have its shopping center with different outlets. Also, research the neighborhood’s income levels and age distribution; find out the developer’s reputation, property prices, and the construction quality. All these will help you decide whether the villa would make an ideal home for you or whomever you will be renting it out to.

Developers’ Credentials

The number two factor to put in mind before buying villas for sale in Dubai is the credential and reputation of the developer. Has the developer engaged in similar projects before? What was the quality of the previous projects?  Is the developer known for quality construction? Can you put your trust in them? Do you have friends or relations who have bought properties from them before? What was their feedback? Does the developer have a reputation for after-sale maintenance and care? These and many other questions are what you need to get an answer to before buying villas for sale in Dubai. A property developer who is genuine and has your interest at heart will not just sell his property to you and leave it at that; they will attend to your needs and make sure you get the feeling that the decision you made was the right one after all. So, do your research on developers around and try to get referrals for excellent and passion-driven developers around you before purchasing villas for sale in Dubai.

The Construction Quality

The quality of the property is also a factor to put into consideration in the quest to buy villas for sale in Dubai. A genuine property developer works with the very best to ensure he comes up with a quality property for the buyer (you). Through every stage of the construction, he partners with the best architects to come up with excellent structure, the best engineers to the contractors just to make sure the property has the best of design and standards and prevent you from facing any future problems that may arise from sub-standard construction quality. A well-structured property with quality and standard is unlikely to create significant expenses issues for you in the future.

The Size of the Villa

Many people do not consider size when buying property, but it is also essential. When purchasing villas for sale in Dubai, take note of the size of the villa and how it might affect you in the future. If you have kids, you might want to consider getting a villa that is spacious and big enough to accommodate you and the kids and also leave enough space to serve as a play area for the kids, probably with a garden too. Also, if you are a young couple without kids, you should take note that demand might change in the future. You might need less space now since you are without children, but what happens when you start making babies? You do not want to start looking for a new property, especially if you have gotten used to your old one. So, make sure you buy a property with all ensuite bedrooms. Make sure it is big and spacious enough for you to live in comfort.


Although the view or landscape of a property might not seem important enough to put into consideration when buying villas for sale in Dubai, it is entirely necessary. Imagine waking up to an aspect of the fresh flowing stream of water or a bright display of colorful flowers around you. Admittedly, it will give a different feeling from waking up to gazing at the public market or the power lines. A villa that offers a breathtaking view of the magnificence and the grandness of the city will surely be an ideal property to purchase. Waking up to a picture of calm water and luscious greenery is sure a great way to savor the beauty of nature and also deal with stress.

Maintenance Standard and Service Charges

Surely, you want to live in a safe, secure and healthy environment. How often the villa community is cleaned and is there a responsible agency in charge of this? Is there a company in charge of maintenance for the villa community? What about the security measures put in place for the villa? These are crucial factors to consider before purchasing villas for sale in Dubai or anywhere for that matter.

Also, take the yearly or monthly service charges into consideration. Put some cash aside for post-purchase maintenance. In contrast to popular belief, Villas’ service charges are quite low in comparison with apartments’ service charges.

Market Value

Buying a home might seem like a permanent and long-term decision, but some things could always come up to make you leave your home for a new one. Like getting a job in another country or just wanting to move to a new home that is more suitable to your taste. It is always advisable to consider what the resale value of the villa you are purchasing would be years after you might have bought it.

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