What to Do If I Want To Buy a House in Dubai Right Now?

“What to do if I want to buy a house?” Most first time home buyers ponder this thought in mind. The period you are preparing

What to Do If I Want To Buy a House in Dubai Right Now?

Buy a House in Dubai Right Now

“What to do if I want to buy a house in Dubai?” Most first time home buyers ponder this thought in mind. The period you are preparing to purchase your first house can be exciting and at the same time daunting. You will be considering your budget, the down payment, mortgages and other expenses and process linked to a home purchase.

What to do when wanting to buy a house? –Getting yourself prepared for the purchase

Are you preparing to buy a house? Purchasing a home is a crucial decision, one of the most crucial ones you will ever make in your lifetime. That is why it is necessary to know about buying a home before dashing to the property market for one. Here are some of the things you need to know:

“Is going for a professional Realtor an important thing to do if I want to buy a house?”

Firstly, you should know that you will need a licensed real estate agent. It is common knowledge that realtors will get a fraction of the sale price, and this makes some buyers disinclined to contracting them, but then, in the long run, they will secure your interest and direct you in the home buying process.

Be Prepared to Sign a Contract

Whenever you are thinking aloud, “What to do if I want to buy a house?,” always know that there are lots of documents to sign. Most of these documents, which are contracts, might appear like “standard” house purchasing contract that is not negotiable, but that is never true. Contracts ought to be bargained. Don’t be cheated. Even if you need some more time to inspect the house you want to buy, you can include it as part of the deal.

Buy Houses that Will Serve You in the Future

Ensure that you are not buying for the present alone. There is every possibility that home purchasing will rank as one of your most significant capital commitments in life, so you need to be tactical about it. Think of long-term plans for the job, change in marital status, kids and more. If all these reflect that you will need to change your location in few years time, you need not buy at all.

Consider Future Commitments

When buying a house, it is possible you are registering it for your fiancé who you are yet to marry. It is advisable to consider an exit arrangement should things go awry between you two, most especially if you are the one solely financing the purchase. It will not make much sense when your “ex” still owns a part of the house you bought when you two aren’t together, or worse still, you are with someone else.



Look Beyond the Surface

More often than not, when thinking of buying a house, there’s always one feature about the home you have been fantasizing about. Getting these features in a house, you may overlook the other parts of the house (e.g., it may require costly maintenance). That is why you need to look beyond the paint and consider the real cost of living in that house.

Be Sure You Can Afford to Buy the House

It is advisable before closing in on any one property to ensure that you are purchasing the house that will not ‘hurt’ your pocket. What you can afford might be quite different from that price your mortgage firm presumed you can. Ensure that you have factored in estimated future income, interest rates, mortgage arrangement and the nature of the market to understand what’s in play before buying a house.

What are the available options? 

If you are still wondering, “what to do when I want to buy a house,” there are several options open to you when you want to buy a house. You can purchase from realtors, cash buyers, through developers or directly from homeowners.

  1. Real Estate Agents

When buying from realtors, you may not bother yourself about the knowledge of buying and selling real estate. You have already hired those who are educated and have the experience in the market. Besides, realtors have a good mastery of the neighborhood. They can spot comparable sales and hand these facts to you. Also, you can get more information on schools, crime or demographics. Moreover, a realtor will help clients to make the correct decisions then premised on market supply, demand and the conditions, the agent will fashion out a negotiation strategy.

  1. Buying from Cash Sellers

Like earlier mentioned, you can as well buy your house from cash sellers; fast sale is another thing you get when you purchase your home from a seller who accepts cash. When purchasing from cash sellers, you can get the house immediately. That is especially important if the deal can be concluded within few days and you do not have to go through the stress of looking for who will broker sale between you two.

  1. Buying from Developers

Buying from developers can be advantageous too as they can offer varied choices and you can resort to legal means if anything goes awry later in the deal. Most times, developers sell houses that are yet to be complete so you will still need to spend some amounts to build it up.

  1. Buying from homeowners

The last option is direct purchase from homeowners. While this appears very easy, you must be aware that you are most likely buying a house that will need one or two improvements to be in order. You must be mindful of this.

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