I Want to Buy Your House in UAE: How to Get the Best Deal from Sellers

Buy Your House in UAE

I Want to Buy Your House in UAE: How to Get the Best Deal from Sellers

I Want to Buy Your House in UAE

You want to sell your home, right? One thing you should know before transacting with anybody that comes to you with a proposal, “I want to buy your house” is that selling your home is a significant transaction. You will not want to make any decision you would regret later, would you? Your negotiating skills must come to play when dealing with a buyer to get good value for your property no matter the market situation at the period.  So what do I do to get the best deal from buyers who want to buy my house?


How Far below My List Price Can I Go When Someone Says, “I want to buy your House in UAE?”


Most buyers usually offer less than your list price or what they want to pay when they propose; “I want to buy your house”. Don’t be in a hurry to accept a potential buyer’s first bid on your home because you want to show the buyer that you are flexible. Most buyers would want to negotiate before settling for a final offer. So, instead of reducing your list price, to seem willing to negotiate, respond with your initial cost.


However, ensure that your home is priced reasonably, as an unrealistic price could discourage buyers. When you are confident of what your property is worth, you would be confident in negotiating. While some buyers may be turned off by this method, serious ones who are interested in purchasing your house would be willing to re-negotiate. That way, you would be able to avoid time waster or those who have come to offer low prices way below the real value of your home. Alternatively, you could counter the buyer’s offer a little below the asking price. This method is for sellers who have priced their home right to begin with and have excellent negotiating skills.


Can Buyer Who Has Made an Offer and Says, “I Want to Buy Your House in UAE” Resubmit the Offer?


One of the frequent questions by a seller is, “is it possible to ask a buyer who wants to buy my house to resubmit an offer?”  Of course,  you can reject an offer and ask the buyer to re-submit. However, you need to be bold enough as this method is a bit extreme and works better for those who have put their house in tip-top shape before listing it.


This is another strategy that works well if you want to get top dollars for your house. Rejecting a buyer’s offer rather than countering it can surprise the buyer, but it would make it clear that you know the worth of your property.  Any serious buyer that says, I want to buy your house would resubmit with a higher offer if they think the house is worth it. Besides, this strategy keeps you open for bids from other buyers who may offer a more competitive price. Moreover, this method would be suitable for a seller whose house has not been on the market for an extended period or who has upcoming open house.


Have an Open House before Accepting Offer from those Who Want to Buy Your House in UAE


Holding of all offers while you create a bidding war by scheduling an open house is another way of getting buyers who want to buy your house to raise their offers. After putting your home on the market, organize an open house. Make sure you delay all proposals until after the open house. That would create an impression that other competitors may bid higher than a potential buyer and would make the buyers place a higher offer than what they intended. Moreover, you might get more than one offer, which gives you the liberty to go to the highest bidder since you are not in a legally binding negotiation with any buyer.


Can I Put an Expiration Date on My Counter Offer When Dealing With Buyers Who Want to Buy My House in UAE?

Buyers usually ask, can countering an offer from a buyer who wants to buy my house delay my home sale process? When you get an offer, but you do not want to accept it, you cannot take a higher offer from other buyers, or you would be going against the law. To avoid a long negotiation war with any buyer, it is advisable to make your expiration date clear when you give a counter offer. With this method, if you cannot get a contract from the buyer within the stipulated period, you would be free to move on to your new location, job or apartment.


However, the deadline should not be too short, as that could discourage the buyers, but it should be within a reasonable time frame. Another reason why you should not allow a negotiation to drag for an extended period is that your home is off the market during this time and the more your house is on the market, the lesser the value it has. Buyers could find it less attractive and when that happens you would be forced to lower your price.


In conclusion, to play hardball when someone comes with the proposal-“I want to buy your house,” you have to ensure your home is in top condition, and make it more appealing than competing properties. When you are selling an exclusive property that is in showroom condition, the buyers would be excited, and that is when these strategies would work well.


The cutting-edge process at Déjà Vu Properties


Selling a house in Dubai can be a daunting task.  That is why you need to consult professional realtors who have a proven track record like us. With the rapid growth of the housing industry and new buildings coming up every day, you have to make your house sale process faster by partnering with investors who will guide you through the complicated process and help you close sale in real time. We are your ideal partner when it comes to home sales in Dubai.


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