“We Want to Buy Your House” – How to Identify Genuine Investors

We Want to Buy Your House

“We Want to Buy Your House” – How to Identify Genuine Investors

We Want to Buy Your House

Whenever you decide to sell your home, be mindful of whom you have a transaction. Some companies or even individuals will undoubtedly come and say, “We want to buy your house.”  There are organizations and firms out there who are operating home purchase scams and who are merely impostors. You need to be very watchful of your steps.

Sure, disposing of your property is a significant capital commitment and as such it is pertinent you take the relevant steps to follow the right path and enter into a contract with a genuine and trusted realtors and persons.

Perhaps you have been approached by companies or persons that advertise “we want to buy your house,” but you want to know how to identify genuine investors, here are some tips that can help you in your quest.  In order not to be duped or misguided by your buyer, there are some quick and smart checklists and procedures

Should I Trust We Want to Buy House Investors With Unrealistic Offers?

Most of the scam companies offer prices that are way higher than the real value of the home. One of the greatest gimmicks of the real estate organization, firm or individuals who claim they want to purchase your house fast for cash is to present bogus and attractive above-ceiling offers. They will subsequently attempt to bring their asking price down to the lowest ebb only at the eleventh hour when you have no option than to sell it or risk home repossession.

“We Want to Buy Your House” – Are they Real Cash Buyers?

Also, find out whether they are real cash buyers. Mind the fact that only a few real cash real estate buyers are into the business. The implication of this is that majority of the advertisement placement on the internet, and those you see on the local newspaper lack the financial wherewithal to buy your house as fast as they claimed, neither can they offer the expert service you want.

Besides, a good number of buyers who approaches you and say “we want to buy your house” aren’t real buyers, they only obtain information about the property and pass same to some other persons to use. As such, you do not get the whole benefits of a real cash buyer. Most times, you will find this out when it is almost impossible to rescind, and you have accepted to sell to them.

How Do I Identify Genuine Home Buyers

These are some crucial things you need to watch out for in potential home buyers to identify genuine ones.



“We Want a House to Buy”- Common Gimmicks by Home Buying Scammers

Title Frauds

There are title frauds that can leave you devastated after wreaking their havoc. They often begin with impersonations. The impostor makes use of falsified documents and presents as a property owner, and then registers falsified papers assigning a property to him and after that obtains a new mortgage over the property. After obtaining a mortgage or a source of credit, the scammer makes away with the cash and the unsuspecting owner is left to battle with the travails of financing a mortgage he never used. You need to be very careful to avoid this class of scam.

Foreclosure and Home-Equity

Another scam you should watch out for is that of foreclosure and home-equity. Fraudsters and scam companies can leverage on the pitiable property owners who need cash urgently, and who do not have mortgage payments. Foreclosure and home-equity fraud are the two most prevalent scams people run into when the need for cash arises. To entirely avoid being scammed, you may attend real estate investment seminars and lectures and get sensitized. You can also search online for the integrity of real estate companies before dealing with them.

With keen vigilance and adequate knowledge of the market, you should be able to identity genuine real estate investors from a league of many who offer “we want to buy your house”.

“I Want a house to buy”- What to Consider When Purchasing a New Home

Are you considering purchasing a home once you sell your current house? It is true that buying a house as against renting will give you unlimited access to the property. You can alter the landscape, convert the basement to a cinema, paint your kitchen white, in as much as everything is within the framework of the zoning regulations, there’s almost nothing you cannot do to your home.

Yes, you are thrilled by the joy of having a new house to stay, but a stroke of caution needs to be exercised, lest you run into pitfalls. Also, you also need to seek an appropriate mortgage. After finding out the home you can afford to buy, you need to look out for a befitting mortgage. Since most probably, you will be repaying a loan for a considerable period, it is pertinent you make a careful decision.

Upon comprehending the right mortgage to seek for your home purchase, you equally need to consider the down payment. Aside from the conventional mortgage, you would be asked to give a down payment of the total home value.

Lastly, you need to consider the running costs of the property such as the maintenance fee, statutory dues, utility fees and other ongoing fees. You may also check the neighborhood, how close is it to your workplace? Is it not remote and far away from the city center? All these need to be carefully considered before buying a house.

Considering these tips when you decide to deal with anyone who makes you an offer like, “We want to buy house” will help you to get a fair deal for your home.

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