“I Want to Buy a House in UAE, Where Do I Start?”

I Want to Buy a House in UAE

“I Want to Buy a House in UAE, Where Do I Start?”

I Want to Buy a House in UAE

Everyone desires to own a house because it adds to social status and is indicative of one’s standard of living. Most first time home buyers often ask; I want to buy a house in UAE, where do I start?” The task of buying one’s first house can be complicated. However, you should know that many people have bought theirs and scaled through the process. If you do your assignment meticulously, you will most probably get an affordable place that suits your pocket. Besides, it is important you know where to go and exactly what to do. With adequate knowledge of the housing market, the process involved in home buying is not as bad as it might appear at first sight.

What are the Important Steps to Take If I “I want to buy a house in UAE?”

Are you a first-time house buyer and you have always asked: “I want to buy a house in UAE, where do I start”? Perhaps you have been frustrated by landlords, or you stay in an old neighborhood and desire to change home and buy a house for yourself, but you do not even know anything about landed properties, here is a definite step to follow:

Decide Why You are Buying a House

Firstly, ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to buy a house in UAE?’  Whether this is your first attempt at purchasing a house or you are an experienced buyer, procuring a home is a financial and emotional step that needs the knowledge of sound real estate professionals. These technocrats are very conversant with the procedures involved in buying a home from the start to the completion. So, you will need to work with them.

Engage Realtors

Experts usually advise people that say, “I want to buy a house in UAE, what do I do” to use the service of realtors. They can help you in inspection, marketing, pricing and negotiations on the house you are about to purchase. They are central to the purchasing process because they are professionals who know the community very well and have valuable market information.

Check Your Eligibility Regarding Mortgage

Some people ask, “if I want to buy a home in UAE, how do I get a mortgage?’ You will need to obtain a mortgage pre-approval. That involves consulting with a mortgage lender and finding out exactly what you can afford before searching for a house. After that, you will need to check out available properties. You can get yourself acquainted with the local market to narrow down your choices and make an informed decision.

Look Out For a House that Suits Your Preference

Subsequently, you can now proceed to choose a house that satisfies your need and priorities, one that you will be glad residing in for years to come. Then you will need to seek to fund as the cost of getting a home by far exceeds the price of the house itself. Then you make an offer for the house, which a proposal to buy a house. Other things to do are getting insurance for the house and closing the deal. By closing the agreement, parties to the contract are brought together, and the contract is finalized there.

Consider a House within Your Budget

If you are truly ready to buy a house and you have been wondering, “I want to buy a house in UAE, what do I do, you must be prepared to commit some time to learn about landed property and make wise decisions. The very first thing to do is to find out how much house you can afford. It is quintessential you ensure it is the right time you buy a house. Apparently, it pays to buy a house only if you will be staying there for a period longer than five years, else, you will be better renting.

Work Out Your Finance and Mortgage Process

You need to work-out your finance for the mortgage process you are seeking an answer to the question, “I want to buy a house in UAE, where do I start.” You need to do this to ensure that you are financially qualified to buy that your dream home. To ascertain that you are financially capable of buying your house, it takes a lump sum of money, cash for settlement and an income source you can verify.

Moreover, you may have to go for mortgage plan that suits you most. More often than not, most home buyers do not take cognizance of mortgage shopping as an essential process, and they usually lose their dream house to another bidder who has got his money ready. The pre-approval process for obtaining a mortgage is free and gives the impression of a serious-minded buyer when you are purchasing a house for the very first time. You then gain the lease and proceed to buy the house.

Check Out the Space Available to You in the House

Are you persistently bothered with the question “I want to buy a house in UAE, where do I start?” Let’s assume you have been able to close in on a hose, but you are not sure of whether or not to buy it eventually. This is what to do. Firstly, check out the location and space available to you in the house. Then also make sure you do not commit capital until you are financially ready.  Reserve some cash for home improvement and make sure you read the house documents before you conclude the deal.

The process of purchasing a house demands a lot of time and efforts; this article has highlighted the step by step procedures involved in buying a house so that you can make the best possible decision on a home purchase.

So there you go! The step by step guide for you if you are one of those who say, “I want to buy a house in UAE, where do I start?”


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