We Want to Buy a Townhouse in Dubai- Is it the Right Time?

Buy a Townhouse in Dubai 2

We Want to Buy a Townhouse in Dubai- Is it the Right Time?

We Want to Buy a Townhouse in Dubai- Is it the Right Time?

Dubai is a great place to live in. One can find a hint of luxury and progress in every corner of this Middle-east state. People across the globe is eying on Dubai townhouses. Still, when it comes to investing money on a townhouse, it can be a little confusing for many. Often, people are found pondering we want to buy a townhouse, but is it a right time? It is in fact the right time to buy. As Dubai progresses, the property rates will only be going up. Buying a property now can thus bring profits in long term. Moreover, with a guaranteed influx of rents, it won’t be tough to pay off the price the townhouse as well!

So those who are thinking ‘we want to buy a townhouse– should we carry on? Is it a right decision?’- yes it is the right decision and it is not yet late.

Here are few aspects that can help property seekers get some clarity of thought as to why buying a townhouse in Dubai can be quite beneficial. Some factors that make Dubai one of those greatly preferred places to live in or invest are:

World class Infrastructure and convenience: Simply taking a tour of Dubai, one can be convinced of the fine infrastructure of Dubai. The city takes care of the convenience of its residents.

Stable rental incomes: Dubai’s population consists well over 60% of Expat population, which ensures a consistent demand for rental properties. Generally, in most corners of the city, investors can be sure of some constant flow of rental income from the townhouse they want to buy in Dubai. There would always be a stream of people willing to take up properties on rent in any corner of the middle-east city. Moreover, as stated before, this rental income can be used to pay for mortgage if buyer is willing to buy townhouse on loan. Pretty good it is, huh?

Safe: The region’s harsh approach to crimes makes the Emirates one of the safest place to live.

Ideal Location: For anyone who want a townhouse to buy in Dubai, the city’s near central location is certainly a positive aspect to count on. The city is at the distance of some 4-6 hours flight from most of the major countries.

Unbelievable rate of Development: One huge plus of investing in Dubai is the great rate of development. The process of development is an assurance there sure will be profits in long run. The rates are sure to go up as the state progresses. So you want to buy a townhouse for investment purpose here? – good going!

Relatively stable and mature market: Another factor that makes Dubai’s property market an attraction for investors is the fact that it is relatively stable and mature in comparison to many other property markets in the world. This shows that your investment is relatively secure in Dubai.

Taxation policies: So as to attract foreign investments, the state hold such taxation policies of that are one of the most liberal in the world. Heavy tax offs and concessions on rental incomes and capital gains make the property market of Dubai one of the investor favourites.

Supreme Facilities: Most corners of Dubai has easy access to schools, hospitals, markets, restaurants and other facilities. There are a variety of entertainment alternatives. Add to this 24×7 active transportation and connectivity with a hint of luxury in every turn an individual would take. Moreover, Dubai townhouses some of the word’s best things such as Burj Khalifa, Plam Jumeirah World’s first manmade island, an icon of luxury and architectural finesse. Buyers can try a visit to feel the truth of the statement themselves- Dubai offers some of the world’s best views, facilities and entertainment.

Affordability:  whether for investing or for living luxuriously in this beautiful city, there are stuff that fit in all sort of budget. Whatever the budget with the buyer says, there will be something that would just fit in. So affordability- another plus.


So, you want to buy a townhouse now in Dubai and wondering what to do? Here is what you need to do.

The buyers who want a townhouse to buy can simply search the property sites enlisting the properties for sale in Dubai. Once they decide that they like to buy a particular property, buyers can get in touch with the property owner and go ‘we want to buy your townhouse’. Once both the parties agree on terms and conditions and finalize on price and other matters, the transfer can be carried out. Typically, 2-4 weeks should be enough to carry the process out.


Buying an off-plan townhouse in Dubai

Some of the best investment means certainly is buying an off-plan property, for buyer can be satisfied that they are paying the possibly lowest rate they can manage, since they are buying it just from the developer. So you want to buy a townhouse that is off-plan? – That sure is a good idea.

Unlike in case of purchasing resale properties from townhouse owners, the criteria of buying townhouses from developer is slightly different. Those who want a townhouse to buy from the developer need to submit a reservation form, that shall, just like an agreement, consist of the details of the buyer and seller, the payment criterion, basic terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties etc.

This is not the actual agreement, though. The actual formal agreements shall be formed only after due payment of an initial amount, that is usually 10-15% of the purchase value. While reservation form may not be legally binding, this formal agreement acts binding on the parties. In this context, the buyer should take care of inclusion of a ‘completion date’- that is, the date on which the construction is to be completed- and also the compensation if not so done. It would keep the buyer on safer side.

Want a townhouse to buy?- why not check out the properties right away?


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