I Want to Buy a Villa in Dubai – A Guide to Making Smart Real Estate Choices

I Want to Buy a Villa in Dubai

I Want to Buy a Villa in Dubai – A Guide to Making Smart Real Estate Choices

I Want to Buy a Villa in Dubai

Have you been renting in an upscale district and are tired of paying throat-cutting rents? Alternatively, you reside in a yurt, and you much miss the luxuries of having brick walls. Each day you get up, this same line runs down your memory persistently: I want to buy a villa! However, you are still figuring out how it will materialize, and you will buy the house eventually.

No doubt, buying a house is a huge capital commitment; you do not want to rush into it. Yes, you desperately want to quit renting and stop funding someone else’s mortgage, but there are some necessary things you need to put into consideration. The thrills of privacy, equity, freedom, security, and pride of being a homeowner should never stop you from carefully weighing your decision before setting out to buy a house. Any mistake will delve a substantial financial blow on your wallet, so you have got to be extra careful.

This guide comes handy as a checklist for those who want to find the answer to, “I want to buy a villa in a year.”

“Help I Want To Buy a Villa!” – Important Details to Consider

Consider Your Credit Score

The first thing you need to do is to raise your credit score. Your credit score tells how reliable you are at paying bills and also has an effect on your mortgage and how much you earn. You need to boost your credit score because to obtain a mortgage, most lenders will demand a minimum score, without which your loan application may not get approved.

Furthermore, you need to embark on massive saving. That is necessary as a house is most probably the most significant asset you will ever make. It is therefore advisable to drastically reduce spending and embark on massive savings.

Have a Budget if Your Plan is, “I Want to Buy a Villa in a Year”

Again, you need to figure out what your budget is. What loan are you currently repaying? How long will it last? Your recurrent expenditure on basic needs, you need to factor everything in before deciding on the type of house you can afford to buy. You may need the services of an excellent lender to evaluate this for you.

Subsequently, you need to get pre-approval, where your mortgage broker will certify that you have the capability of buying a home based on financial details substantiated. Then you scout for neighborhoods and look for suitable houses in them.

If more often than not, you always find yourself sitting in the corner of your office, home or anywhere and saying to yourself, “I want to buy a villa,” and you even want that within a year, it is doable.

Save Consistently and Decide the Type of Home to Buy

You need to set a target on how to raise and save capital to buy up a house. You should consider the type and size of home you would want to buy. Also, you should determine the features you will need there as well as the location and neighborhood that will make an ideal home for you. Then, you may proceed to find out the cost.

Also, if you dream to buy a house in a year, you need to start budgeting immediately. Set your priorities right so you can cut-back some money to buy a house later in the year. Since you now have an idea of what you want and its cost, you may need to forgo some things to save for a home purchase. Don’t forget you can as well raise money through friends and relatives or you apply for mortgage that will be repaid later to buy a house.

Buying a Townhouse

Yes, it has always been on your mind that, one of these days, “I want to buy a villa,” but you cannot figure out how it will happen yet. You need not worry much, here’s a guide to help you out.

If you have decided to purchase a townhouse, then do well to consider these factors before closing down on any townhouse. Firstly, ask about how the walls have were built, especially those that are jointly used with neighboring townhouses. Does it meet the local fire standard? Else you might have to pay for it later.

You also need to decide the type of townhouse you want.  Is it a condominium townhouse, a single family townhouse or old townhouse? Then, you must even consider how much privacy you will have in the exterior spaces as well as what else you will share with your neighbors.

Lastly, before buying a townhouse, you must have a fair knowledge of how much you are legally obliged to pay for everyday maintenance.

I Want to Buy a Villa in a Year? What to do

Are you thrilled and fascinated at the thought of owning an apartment in a choice location? If you have always been asking around, “I want to buy a villa,” then you need to check how much you have, save as much as you can, pay your bills on time, find the mortgage option that suits you and after that search for suitable houses in your choice neighborhood.

When you have finally gotten the houses in the neighborhood, you still have to look into the price of each house, after all, without money you cannot go ahead with the purchase. Irrespective of whether the house is a first or second home, price matters.

“What location should I consider if I want to Buy a Villa?”

Also, you need to consider the location. That is especially important if you are planning to use it for something special. Lastly, you should check your projected expenses, and how well you can negotiate, this will tell you precisely the type of house you can afford to buy within a year without much financial stress on you.

The task of buying a house can be tedious and cumbersome, but with this guide, you can proceed to purchase your desired house with much stress and get the home that suits your specifications.


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