Want To Sell A Home? Then This Is The Right Place

Want To Sell A Home

Want To Sell A Home? Then This Is The Right Place

The decision to ‘sell my home’ is never an easy one. However, this can sometimes be unavoidable especially when the seller needs to relocate for work, need to upgrade because of a growing family or just because they need to turn over the investment. If they are in either of these situations, then this is the time to ask a real estate agent to ‘sell my home for cash.’

3 Things to Consider before Deciding to ‘Sell my Home.’

If a seller is thinking, ‘sell my home now,’ there are many elements apart from the market condition that impacts the selling of a home. These elements are crucial especially when there is the need to sell the home fast. These elements include;

  • Condition of the house- The house should be in good condition to enable it to sell fast at a competitive price. Always emphasize all the attractive features of the house and if necessary, deep clean the house by hiring professionals who will make the house look sparkling clean. Unnecessary clutter should be removed as well.
  • Price- It is important to price the home competitively from the beginning. However, if determined to sell the home fast for cash, then the seller may have to price the house below the market price depending on the current market condition.
  • Marketing- Hiring a real estate professional is important as it will enable to sell the home fast by marketing it on different websites. Professional photos will be taken that will boost the sale. The real estate professional should have an aggressive marketing plan to potential buyers.



7 Tips to ‘sell my home’ quickly in a Competitive Market

When trying to sell a house, it could be an offseason for home buying. As this could be unavoidable due to different circumstances the seller might find themselves into, there are still a few ways of selling a home fast even if it is not homebuying season. If all the seller thinks about all the time every day during the offseason is ‘need to sell my home fast,’ then these are the top tips and tricks to sell their home quickly. These tips and tricks include;

  1. Improve the curb appeal of the house by making good and long lasting first impression to the potential buyers. The curb appeal is what draws most buyers to buy the house. Therefore, when the house is on the market, it is very important that the house is clean, clutter is removed, and the landscape is well groomed.
  2. Make necessary upgrades to improve the condition of the house that is on sale. The upgrades should include repairs and replacements such as an outdated electrical system, faulty plumbing system or even leaky faucets. These are important because if they are not fixed, they will be a red flag to a mortgage company or a home inspector.
  3. One of the best ways of getting the home ready for a potential buyer is to depersonalize the home by removing family photos and quirky collectibles. This will create a soothing atmosphere for the buyer to visualize their family in the house thus increasing the chance of buying the house.
  4. One of the most important tips to consider when thinking ‘sell my home fast,’ is choosing the right listing price. This is because if the price of the house too high then the seller will get few offers and if it is too low then they will miss out on a lot of money.
  5. Hire a skilled professional photographer. This is because most potential buyers start house hunting online and even on magazines. Therefore, having good photos of the house will come in handy as it will improve the curb appeal of the house in the long run.
  6. List the house on all the major online housing portals. This will increase the visibility of the house to many potential buyers who are known to go house hunting online first. This is usually the work of the real estate agent, but it will not hurt to double check that the house can be viewed on all the online portals.
  7. Make the house easy to show by being flexible. The seller needs to ready to show the house to prospective buyers at any time with little notice and without excuses.

The Dos and Don’ts of Selling a Home

Whenever deciding to ‘sell my home,’ it can sometimes be quite a daunting process. Therefore, here are some of the things to keep in mind when having that ‘need to sell my home’ moment and are going through the process of selling a home.

Do make the most of the internet because according to the National Assembly of Realtors, 93% of buyers always start their house hunting on the internet.

Do offer some commission to the buyers’ agents as most of the buyers always contract with their agents to represent their interests. Most buyers prefer to let their agents earn a commission to make their life easier by avoiding the lengthy process of buying a home.

Do expect friends, neighbors and co-workers to help in spreading the word about selling the house. Put the word out about the house on every social media platform such as Facebook as well as in various clubs to help get the word out there.

Do be prepared to pay up to $ 1,000 for the real estate attorney who will handle all the contracts and paperwork. This will ensure that the closing goes smoothly leading to a ‘sell my home for cash’ moment to the seller

Don’t always accept everything that is told by the real estate agent but get everything in writing. Read and go through the contract with the lawyer before signing anything. This is to avoid being locked into a legal contract that does not meet the needs of the seller.

Don’t be surprised when the agents always tend to claim to have the best buyers for the house. It is imperative always to ask the agents if they have contracts that allow them to be the buyer’s agent. If the agent is not the buyer’s agent, then request for a single party listing where the agent only gets a commission for selling the house to that buyer. If they are the buyer’s agent, then they are then entitled to the buy-side commission and are thus entitled to showcase the house as it is their responsibility.

Don’t spend a lot of money on house improvements that will end up not raising the price of the house. Spending too much money on such improvement will only lead to taking a loss on the amount of money spent. Always keep the improvements small and remember to consult the real estate agent before making such changes.

Most real estate companies have the ‘sell my home now’ option that makes it easier to sell homes even faster. Thousands of people who want to sell their homes quickly always prefer real estate companies with this option.


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